Pray for Katie

Katie is 13 years old and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, a lymphatic cancer. This site is a request to pray for her. Call her prayer pager 1-361-333-KATY (5289), enter your ZipCode and # key, to let her know you have prayed for her. Updates of her progress will be posted on the site. The Power of Prayer is Awesome.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Katie is Doing Ok

We are going for a new MRI next week and that should tell us about Katie's cancer and whether treatments have been effective. We are still doing the IVC therapy three times a week. Please continue to pray for Katie's complete healing and recovery.



Thursday, January 12, 2006

Compassion Childrens Donation Site is Back Up

Compassion Children's site is back up. You may make a tax deductible donation by clicking on their link on the right side of this page under Katie's picture. We incurred about $150,000 in legal expenses in getting Katie returned to us, and we also have unpaid medical bills. Katie's ongoing medical bills are about $3000 a month which are not covered by any insurance. If you are able to help then please make a contribution. Thank you for your donation and may God bless you richly. You can also go to the site by


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sorry, Compassion Children Site is Down for Donations

For those of you who have tried to make a donation by going to the Compassion Children site at or the companion site of, the site has been down for about 4 days and they are working on the problem. Compassion Children is a 503c corporation and all donations made through them are tax deductible.

The problem should be fixed shortly, so please bookmark us and come back. For those who don't need a tax deductible receipt you can mail donations to: Katie Wernecke, P.O. Box 132, Agua Dulce, Tx 78330. All donations are used for the legal or medical expenses of Katie Wernecke and you can specify which if you want. Thank you very much. May God bless you richly.

Edward Wernecke

Friday, January 06, 2006

State-sponsored medical terrorism: Texas authorities arrest parents, kidnap their teenage daughter and force her through chemotherapy against her will

Months after a Texas teenager was diagnosed with cancer, state authorities have finally decided to let her return home to her family after a long legal battle in which Texas officials – not the girl's parents – attempted to determine the course of treatment for her disease.

Thirteen-year-old Katie Wernecke was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease, a cancer of the lymph nodes, in January 2005. The teenager underwent chemotherapy after being taken to the emergency room with what her parents had suspected was pneumonia, and doctors recommended she also receive radiation treatments. However, Katie's parents, Michelle and Edward Wernecke, refused the treatments for fear it could cause complications such as an increased risk of breast cancer, learning problems or stunted physical growth. That's when Texas authorities intervened, making private matters public in a way that many feel violated parental rights as well as principles of health freedom.

In what amounted to an attempt to force the Werneckes to submit their daughter to radiation treatments, officials with Texas' Child Protective Services took Katie away from her parents in June, after receiving a tip that Katie and her mother were hiding out at a family ranch in order to avoid the radiation that doctors claimed she needed to survive. Authorities promptly took Katie into custody and arrested her mother on charges of interfering with child custody.

Although Michelle Wernecke was released on $50,000 bond shortly after her arrest, she returned home to find her family in shambles. The state had – in effect – kidnapped her daughter, placed her three sons in a foster home and labeled her and her husband neglectful parents, even though they were only trying to protect their daughter from conventional medicine's harsh cancer treatments. Thus began a long and difficult struggle for the family that received national attention and raised significant questions about medical freedom and parental rights.

On a June 9 episode of NBC's Today show, Michele Wernecke said of her daughter: "I think they should treat her for what her body calls for and not for standard protocol. Nobody will look at that. Not every cancer is the same. Nobody understands that. Her body is not standard, and her cancer is not standard." A videotaped statement, recorded by Katie's parents, shows the girl saying, "I don't need radiation treatment. And nobody asked me what I wanted. It's my body."

On Oct. 21, Texas District Judge Jack Hunter ruled that the Werneckes would be allowed, as they had hoped, to take Katie to Kansas for a consultation with a physician on alternative intravenous vitamin C treatments. However, the judge also ruled that, before her parents could pursue the alternative treatment, Katie must first receive five days of traditional chemotherapy at the University of Texas' M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. This once again thwarted her parents' efforts to protect their daughter from treatments they fear will result in side effects that are more harmful than her actual disease.

Throughout the Werneckes' battle with CPS and the Texas legal system, the family has maintained a blog dedicated to their daughter and her condition at There, they post news articles, charity information, letters and prayers from people concerned for Katie and disturbed by the drastic actions taken by Texas officials to keep her out of her parents' care.

An Oct. 23 post on the site reads, "Katie has been left all alone in M.D. Anderson undergoing this fourth round of chemotherapy. CPS has not allowed the parents to be present in the hospital during this treatment. I don't have the right words and enough words to express how awful I feel about that. It is unbelievably cruel and just sickening that Katie would have to suffer through that ordeal all alone with no parent beside her. That is emotional abuse and child abuse on the part of CPS."

Although the Werneckes have stuck to their beliefs about what they feel is best for their daughter's health, they have been continuously met by the threats and scare tactics used by CPS. As a result, their daughter has not only suffered through treatment she does not want – and arguably does not need – but she has done so without her parents comfort and support.

On Oct. 31, Judge Hunter finally ruled that Katie should be returned to her family, saying, "CPS and the Werneckes are never, ever going to agree," according to the New York Times. Katie will be allowed to go home after a round of chemotherapy in Houston, but what course her treatment will take after that is unknown. However, her father said at Monday's hearing that the family "wanted to try other treatments for Katie before considering radiation as a last resort," the New York Times reported.

The good news is, Katie will be able to return to her family and receive their love and support, but the decision seems long overdue. The Werneckes' situation over the past months is a prime example of how modern medicine has gotten out of control in this country. It seems we now live in a terrifying world where medical professionals are able to enlist the help of government agencies in order to force people into medical treatments that can actually pose significant health dangers. It is a climate in which diagnosis and medical treatment may be accompanied by threats and legal action for those who dare to select an alternative path of healing for themselves or their loved ones. It is an atmosphere in which parents can actually lose their sick children to the system of modern conventional medicine.

A disease like cancer is traumatic enough; it does not need to be complicated with the stresses of custody battles and legal threats. What a child really needs when suffering through something as daunting as cancer is her parents. The Werneckes may have been fighting to block the treatment of their daughter with conventional cancer treatments that can cause severe health problems, but Texas authorities, in the past months, were playing a much more dangerous game by fighting to remove Katie from the love and support of her parents, which is some of the best medicine.

Note by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

The events reported in this story are true. If you thought you lived in a "free" society, think again. Right now, under the direct supervision of misguided oncologists and Big Pharma drug pushers, your children can be kidnapped at gunpoint (by the "authorities"), dragged into medical facilities, and poisoned with radiation and chemotherapy, all under the orders of a court judge.

And after all that's done, by the way, they'll send you the medical bills.
With this demonstration of grossly misplaced authority, organized medicine is no longer merely an outdated system of dangerous treatments, it is a direct threat to the fundamental freedoms of individuals, families and children. With forced vaccination programs that inject mercury into our childrens' bodies, the overdosing of our nation's youth with psychiatric drugs, and now forced radiation poisoning of teenage girls, the U.S. medical system has become the most cruel and harmful system of health care in the world.

Under what possible system of "healing" would a family be broken apart, arrested, kidnapped, and the parents be denied access to the bedside of their daughter as life-threatening chemical toxins are being dripped into her veins under the orders of medical "authorities?" By what insane justification can this be called a system of health care?

The answer is that this is not a system of health care at all, folks. It's a system of control. How do you control a population? Drug them, from cradle to grave. Keep 'em in a mental haze. Bewilder them with television images. Bankrupt them with medical bills. And if they don't comply, arrest them at gunpoint and terrorize their family to set an example. I call it state-sponsored medical terrorism. In this case, the state is Texas.

Personally, I think that in a just society, the Texas Child Protective Services personnel would be arrested and charged with kidnapping, and the oncologists who took part in this cancer conspiracy would be tried in an international court for crimes against humanity. Is it not a crime to inject a child with deadly chemicals against her will and against her parents' will? If I loaded a syringe with the exact same chemicals used on this girl, and injected them into your arm without your permission, I'd be (rightly) charged with attempted murder.

Where's the health in health care reform?

Don't stand for this. Spread the word. Forward this article. Support the Wernecke family's battle against organized medicine. If we don't stand up to this, then we surrender any semblance of health freedom left in this country. Let the Texas CPS and health authorities know that we, the free-thinking citizens of this nation, won't stand by idly while our children are taken from us and chemically assaulted by men who lead a dangerous, for-profit industry of so-called cancer "treatments." This madness must be stopped.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back from Hawaii

The flight home was not too enjoyable. We spent 3 days in the Honolulu airport on standby trying to get a flight to Dallas, Texas. We didn't even have a change of clothes. Our luggage went out on December 31. The airport was busy and flights were all overbooked. The airline agents were not helpful in Honolulu. On our designated flight there were 50 people on standby. We kept rolling over from flight to flight. There were about 8 flights a day, from 8am to 11pm. One man was in the airport for 6 days another for 4 days before they got flights out. We were there 3 days and had to take a flight to Chicago to get out of Honolulu. That was quite a bit out of the way to get home to the Corpus Christi, Texas area. Agents in Chicago and Dallas were more understanding and helpful knowing we had to get Katie her cancer treatments which should have been done on Monday. We got home on Tuesday January 3rd about 12 noon, which was 4 days late.

We learned a lot of stuff about fighting cancer nutritionally and detoxing the body, and will continue to use what we learned at home. We are also continuing with the intravenous Vit C treatments.

Katie's hair is growing back and is almost a half inch long now. She continues in public school. She got all A's and just one B in keyboarding. Her joints still suffer from the effects of the chemo. She was disappointed about the B. We are very proud of her. Katie is very energetic and is feeling good.

Thank you for your prayers, emails, and concerns. With good nutritional support, the IV Vit C and your prayers I believe we can beat this cancer.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Vitamin D Lowers Risk of Cancer by 50%

Researchers found that Vitamin D can dramatically lower a person's risk of developing common types of cancers and can reduce the likelihood of getting breast, ovarian, and even colon cancer in half.

Could something as simple as getting enough vitamin D, which is found in milk, eggs, salmon and sunlight, really protect you from cancer? Researchers, after reviewing 63 studies, say "yes." They found taking large amounts of vitamin D can lower cancer risk by as much as 50 percent.

Researchers say a person needs about 1,000 international units (IU) daily. There are only 100 units in an 8-ounce glass of milk, so you would need to consume ten 8-ounce glasses of milk to meet the requirement. However, doctors temper this by advising that downing a gallon of milk is not going to stop you from getting cancer. Sunshine is a good source for vitamin D, but it has its own risks.

Foods rich in vitamin D include cod liver oil, eggs, milk and vitamin D supplemented processed foods. Researchers recommend that vitamin D supplements may be needed because the food sources of vitamin D are not likely to provide the recommended 1,000 IU daily allowance.

"I think vitamin D is a component of a healthy diet that will have potential benefit," says Dr. David Fishman, who runs the National Ovarian Cancer Early Detection Program at New York University. "I wish it was as simple as saying 'If you take vitamin D, cancer will be cured.' I don't think it's that simple."

Although the role of vitamin D in cancer prevention is not largely understood, a vitamin D deficiency can lead to health problems. Certain groups of people are at a higher risk of vitamin D deficiency. The risk factors include women breastfeeding, dark skin, fat malabsorption syndromes, inflammatory bowel disease and obesity.


American Journal of Public Health
University of California at San Diego Moores Cancer Center

MY COMMENTS: Vitamin D and iodine are two nutrients often missing. As for Vit D, our kids might get two pints of milk at school and most never get outside for any sunshine during prime time 10-2 for vitamin D, as sports are played in the gym. Consider supplementing with Vit D and Cod Liver Oil. Poor nutrition lets cancer take hold. Lack of Vitamin D and sunshine in the winter is one reason why flu viruses are worse at this time of year. Also consider taking about 12 mg of Iodine and 4 grams of Vit C a day.