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Friday, December 16, 2005

Attacking Cancer's Secret Weakness

There are other ways to fight cancer other than surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. It's time for doctors and the cancer industry to wake up and see that traditional cancer treatments have been a failure and search for new promising cures. Occassionally we run across an article like this:


Article from Second Opinion Health Alert:

Herbal "Smart Bomb" Tricks Cancer
into Self-Destructing

Donald, a 47-year-old mechanic, had just been
diagnosed by an oncologist with an ugly egg-sized
tumor on the left side of his head.

I gave him a new cancer-fighting supplement derived
from a plant that grows in Southeast Asia.

After two weeks, there was a slight depression in
the center of the lump. And a month later, the tumor
was totally gone! The skin where it had been was
completely smooth.

Donald was one of my first cases using this new
therapy. After many more, I now believe this may be
the future of cancer treatment - and the breakthrough
of our lifetime.

It works by attacking cancer's secret weakness.

You see, most doctors attack cancer head-on. They
poison it with chemotherapy. Burn it with radiation.
Cut it out with surgery. Any of which can have a
devastating effect on the patient's health.

But I prefer to take advantage of cancer's hidden
weaknesses - like its need for iron.

All cells need iron to reproduce. But since cancer
cells multiply very rapidly, they need lots of iron.
In fact, they actually hoard iron.

That's the key to this amazing cancer-fighting
supplement. Called artemisinin (from Artesmesia annua),
it has an amazing effect on iron. When it comes in
contact with it, the iron releases a huge burst of
highly reactive free radicals - a "smart bomb" that
literally blows up the deadly cancer cell.

In laboratory experiments, the doctor who first
reported this phenomenon documented an amazing 100%
kill rate in cancer cells in just hours.

Just as importantly, artemisinin left normal cells
completely unharmed!

Recently, a study published in a major cancer journal
found artemisinin showed significant anti-cancer
activity against many different types of cancer cells.
And even cancers resistant to chemotherapy drugs
showed no such resistance to this herb!

Take Diane for example. She was 47 years old when she
came to me with breast cancer that had spread to her

All doctors could offer her was full dose chemotherapy -
but not a drop of hope.

She even tried various alternative therapies. But the
cancer refused to budge. Yet after being treated with
artemisinin, she felt totally well. Her latest CT scan
indicates she may well be cancer free.

One physician I know has been using this amazing
supplement for over a decade. He tells me he has seen
hundreds of long-term remissions - including many
patients who had been declared "terminal."

In fact, with the exception of patients who were
already very near death, artemisinin has stabilized,
improved, or cured every cancer patient I have
personally followed.

Unfortunately, most health food stores do not sell
the concentrated form of artemisinin that stopped
cancer in clinical trials.

In fact, most artemisinin products usually contain
less than 10 to 20 percent of the anti-cancer

The only artemisinin product I recommend is distributed
by Allergy Research Group. It's a high-grade product,
and its potency is confirmed by independent lab

Artemisinin is truly a revolution in the treatment of
cancer. In studies, it's been shown to be nontoxic
and free of side effects.

However, if you or a loved one intends to use it, I
strongly suggest supervision by a medical professional
familiar with its use. Please have your blood count
and liver function monitored while on the therapy
to be as safe as possible.

Yours for better health and medical freedom,

Robert Jay Rowen, MD


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