Pray for Katie

Katie is 13 years old and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, a lymphatic cancer. This site is a request to pray for her. Call her prayer pager 1-361-333-KATY (5289), enter your ZipCode and # key, to let her know you have prayed for her. Updates of her progress will be posted on the site. The Power of Prayer is Awesome.

Monday, October 17, 2005


9:35am 10/17/05 - Stella called and said we can visit Katie in person Thursday 10/20/05 at CPS building in Houston 4-6 pm or visit on phone 5 to 6 pm for us and 6 to 6:30PM for the boys. [Again why split the family visitation up into parents and boys separately? This is very anti-family.] Need to let Stella know by tomorrow at 3pm what we are going to do. They need to know 24 hours in advance if we are going to cancel or if any changes by Wednesday. I went over it with Stella twice to make sure everything was right. [Stella schedules visits she knows we cannot possibly make. My boys have after school programs till 6:30pm on Thursday, my husband works cows on Thursdays. Its a 9 hour trip to Houston and back and a 2 hour visit makes a 11 hour day and we would have to take the kids out of school a day to visit Katie and they have already missed too many days due to CPS dental appointments and screw ups. And I have no one to work for me. That is why we requested a visit on the last two Sundays. ] Not working with us to see that we can visit Katie is certainly not in the best interest of Katie. Plus Katie is scheduled for a PET scan on that Thursday too. Her body emits harmful radiation for a day afterwards and she can't be near people. There is no schedule and its always a last minute thing. We want to visit and do things with Katie, not be stuck in a hospital room or CPS office. How inconsiderate! The boys haven't seen Katie in over two months, Edward over a month, and its been two weeks since I saw her. The boys especially James (3) are slowly forgetting her because its been so long now, nearly 5 months, that she has been gone. That isn't right.

[Edward comments: Classic Brainwashing -Now after forcing Katie to give in to their treatments they start restoring visits and showing her "see we let you visit as we said we would." To use and abuse emotionally a child that way is straight from the pits of hell. I would like to see a grand jury sit to indict CPS for child abuse.]

I asked about Katie if she was doing okay. Stella said they called last Thursday and Katie wanted a haircut. They pulled a fast one with Stella. She tells me the foster mom took Katie shopping and they were having a good time. Foster mom bought Katie a pair of jeans to wear. Boy did it hurt to be told this. Thats my job! I don't know why this hurt so much. [sobs]

They, the foster mom and Katie, were planning stuff for Halloween. I never felt so hurt and lost. She is my daughter and I want to do those things with her. I feel that CPS is purposely doing this so Katie won't miss us anymore and won't need us anymore. They are slowly taking her out of our lives. [sobs]

I am so tired. I used to look forward for tomorrow. Now I dread each day, not knowing what tomorrow will bring me. I'm so tired of fighting for the right to see or talk to my daughter. Just so tired of reasoning with everyone. [they don't even listen or try to cooperate with us, its their way or nothing] CPS sure drains you and takes your will power away from you. They give you no hope or future. I believe they have no intention of ever returning her to us. [crying]



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  • At Tue Oct 18, 08:06:00 AM 2005, Blogger ShadowHawk said…

    You really should set up a spam filter for your guestbook...

    Anyway it wouldn't surprise me. I've long believed that the government's goal has been to turn families against themselves, thus making a more obedient populace.

    This is why I encourage the people of the USA to united against the government instead of turning on each other.

    My advice to you is sue either CPS or the hospital that started this whole affair and be public about it.

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    I wonder if any family that has members battling cancer can trust the state of Texas at this point. It is obvious they do not intend to re-unite your family. Certainly, it is fair warning to all family groups that Texas is not the place to go for cancer treatment.

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  • At Wed Oct 19, 08:14:00 PM 2005, Blogger Linda S. said…

    In 2000 my family went through an ordeal which was very similar to the nightmare you are experiencing now. For 6 years my husband and I searched for a cure for our daughter's as yet undiagnosed illness which caused her much pain and suffering. At this time my husband and I thought nothing could be worse than having to watch helplessly as our little girl suffered so. But we were wrong. Having our sick little girl taken from us and at a time when she needed us most was much, much harder.

    In 1999, while visiting one of our daughter's medical caregivers, we told this doctor our wonderful news that we had at long last found the cause of our child's long suffering. We shared with this doctor how relieved we were to know that there was a very good and simple treatment which would put an end to most of her symptoms.

    Upon hearing this, the doctor became visibly angry. An odd reaction we thought. But our happiness at the good news did not allow us to ponder this right away and we shrugged it off to her possibly having a bad day. We would later know that this doctor was angry with us for getting another opinoin without consulting her. She may have been afraid that we would file a malpractice law suit as well, even though this thought had never entered our minds. You see, she had evidently been documenting (and without informing my husband or I) that our daughter's medical syptoms were all in her head and she was opposed to us seeking further medical opinions.

    Immediately following the doctor appointment which would change our lives forever, this mean doctor picked up the phone and called Child Protective Services. This was the beginning of an 18 month ordeal of our battling the state of Illinois and put our daughter through more torture than any of us could have ever imagined.

    It was like waking from a dream to begin living a nightmare. And we know first hand the pain that you all are going through. There are no words that begin to go far enough to describe our anguish, to anyone but parents such as yourselves I think it would be impossible.

    Our daughter was returned to us finally, but not before CPS had put us through the emotional and financial ringer. Just this year we have filed for bankruptsy due to my husband not being able to keep the numberous CPS ordered meetings during his work time and the many thousands of dollars we spent on an attorney who did nothing for us but rather threw our case to the state (very typical of family court attorneys).

    It is true that CPS cares nothing about familes these days, but rather is an agency driven by a lust for money in the form of huge federal grants which reward the states for remmoving children (there are NO incentives, monitary or otherwise for leaving children with their parents). And when one couples this with the fact that this agency answers to no one but itself we have the recipe for disaster. We found that in the CPS hearing process the Constitution, and any other law of the land which might ensure fair treatment, were not available to us. CPS had the power punish my husband and I in the most cruel and unusual way imaginable, and we had no rights as US citizens at all. In this court due process is replaced with 'best interest of the child; a legal phrase meaning however the judge feels like ruling and disregarding any truths.

    It took some months for us to realize that the attack on us was something other than a horrible mistake which could easily be straightened out by one phone call to our daughter's new treating physician. No one was interested in getting at the truth. Having never committed a crime, we were not familiar with this or any other court and wrongfully thought that obviously innocent US citizens prevail in our judicial system. By the time we realized that we were dealing with an agency of the government which worked outside of the law, we had already gone through much needless torment.

    We came to know that our plight was not at all unusual either. Countless thousands of parents are experiencing this very sort of pain and injustice every single day, at the hands of those sworn to protect children.

    If it were not for the fact that we had support from one honest, brave newspaper reporter (and at great personal cost to her)who wrote about our story in the paper, an honest and ethical and psychologist and a doctor who was strong and kind enough to stand up for us...I have not one doubt that our daughter would still be gone today.

    The way your family is being tortured every single day is nothing short of a crime and our hearts go out to the Werneke family. We are praying that you find good people such as the ones who stood by us and who will help you in your effort to free little Katie.

    One thing I learned about Child Protective Services is that they like to work under cover of darkness, and out of the public sight. And so it is encouraging to see that the media has exposed the CPS abduction of Katie. It is my earnest prayer that this will scare them into releasing her immediately. I am so very sorry to know that your family is going through a nightmare such as we did. Be strong and keep fighting. God is watching and he is on your side.

    I would hate to be a CPS worker on judgement day for I'm sure that God has a special punishment for people who torture little children.

    Linda S.

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