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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Judge Lewis Recluses Self And Withdrawls From Case

October 13, 2005

The Honorable Darrell Hestor
Prssiding Judge
Fifth Administrative Judicial Region

Re: Order of Recusal 05-60955-5 In the Interest of Katie Werncke

Honorable Judge Hester

Attached please find the Order of Recusal and the Request for Assignment. By this order I have recused myself and withdrawn the prior Order of October 4, 2005. In light of the substantial attention given this case by the Supreme Court, I believe my continued participation would create a distraction of no benefit to the parents or the best interest of the child. Thank you for your attention in all these matters. Please advise if further action is required.

By the way, thanks to you and Mr. Raul Martinez for your show of concern regarding my recent surgery. I expect to be back on full duty in about two weeks.

Yours truly,

Carl E. Lewis


On reconsideration of the motion of the Respondents Edward D. and Michelle Wernecke to recuse the presiding judge in this case, the court hereby GRANTS the Motion, withdraws the prior order of October 4, 2005, and requests the Presiding Judge of the local judicial region to assign another judge to preside in all future proceedings in this cause. The court has previously forwarded, pursuant to TRCP 18a, the motion and all opposing and concurring statements.

SIGNED AND ORDERED ENTERED this 13th day of October, 2005

Judge Carl Lewis