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Katie is 13 years old and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, a lymphatic cancer. This site is a request to pray for her. Call her prayer pager 1-361-333-KATY (5289), enter your ZipCode and # key, to let her know you have prayed for her. Updates of her progress will be posted on the site. The Power of Prayer is Awesome.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Comments from Blogs and Emails

JL Says: October 1st, 2005 at Saturday, October 1, 2005 @ 4:49 pm
I just finished reading Katie’s web blog. This whole situation, from the doctor who reported her parents, the unwarranted issuance of the Amber Alert, CPS’s decision to take Katie, and initially her brothers, to Judge Lewis’ inappropriate and irresponsible decision to place Katie in foster care, must be the cruelest abuses of power I have ever witnessed.
Since Katie has decided she wants alternatives to high dose chemo, and has no intention of cooperating with her captors, she needs to be returned to her family immediately.
Hopefully, the state officers and Judges will set their massive egos aside and let her go, but I seriously doubt they will. As her former foster mother said on the blog. “CPS would rather sacrifice Katie and her family than admit they were wrong.”
Sad, sad example of state power unleashed on the innocent.

ucsd student Says: October 1st, 2005 at Saturday, October 1, 2005 @ 9:38 pm
Katie’s story proves beyond doubt we are no longer a free people and have to bow to government and obey what they say is best.
Why do We The People put up with these massive criminal acts against us waged on a daily basis? Have we no morals? Are we so cowardly these days we hide in the corners of our homes pretending things like this will not someday happen to us?
This is Nazism at it’s worse.
No wonder we are little more than slaves to the government.

Vic Says: October 7th, 2005 at Friday, October 7, 2005 @ 9:41 am
This constant blabbering by trolls about laetrile and vitamin c is nothing but a straw man they have glommed on to, and beaten to death, in order to detract from the real issue.
Certain individuals have no qualms about gun toting thugs hunting down a little girl, throwing her mother in prison, physically assaulting her father, and dragging her brothers out of their beds and into the dead of night. Anyone who thinks that this is in anyway acceptable or excusable in a civilized society needs a serious reevaluation of their own soul. No wonder the entire world is looking at Texas CPS in unending disgust and disbelief.
As Ogre said on his blog:
“CPS and it’s supporters, cannot see reality. They cannot EVER admit they might EVER have done anything wrong — so they only way they can win is by shouting over everyone else.”
And, I might add, usually by shouting insults.

Marius Says: October 9th, 2005 at Sunday, October 9, 2005 @ 3:39 am
Further analyzing “Gordon”- I think she must be the type of malicious zealot CPS creature who resides at hospitals, spying for “abuse” so she can take kids into state care. Probably for every one case of CPS doing good for a child, there are 99 cases where they cause harm and trauma, but zealots like “Gordon” care not, because these power-crazed creatures like Gordon who succeed best within the evil CPS bureaucracy and rise up the ranks most quickly actually overtly or covertly believe that down deep all children belong to the state. The parents just have the privilege of keeping them until they “break the rules” as Gordon has said the Werneckes did.

.....What was most disturbing to me about “Gordon’s” last post was how it just shows through so clearly how she really looks forward to the Werneckes losing all parental rights. No matter the lives they will have destroyed permanently and unmercilessly, Gordon and her CPS buddies are looking forward to proudly putting another big notch in their belts as they teach a couple more parents a big lesson.“In the best interests of the child” of course. How sickening.

Marius Says: October 18th, 2005 at Tuesday, October 18, 2005 @ 12:56 am
.....Most bloggers on this topic are parents who can relate to not wanting to have their child kidnapped by CPS over a disagreement like this. And even in the most unexpected places in the blogosphere such as pro-radiation treatment you’ll find comments like this one:
“I have to say that I would never allow harm to a child but when does our responsibility as health care providers stop and the parental rights begin? Who are we to say that this child must be forced to continue treatment whether she is in remission or not? I don’t understand where we got the right to ignore the parent’s and child’s wishes and submit this person to further experimentation?”

.....From an article at
But the state blundered when it big-footed their custody rights for challenging “standard medical care.” Standard-care regimens are not rigid directives chiseled in stone. They are evidence-based guidelines with some give. In Katie’s case, the state mistakenly believed that the immediate radiation ordered by her doctor was a government-sanctioned and required treatment, part of the complete standard of care needed for her survival.

Controversy. Most pediatric oncologists would beg to differ. James Nachman, a Hodgkin’s expert and professor of pediatrics at the University of Chicago medical school, says standard treatment for advanced Hodgkin’s is more like five to eight cycles of chemotherapy. And there’s controversy as to whether children showing a complete response to that treatment–particularly after two or four cycles of chemotherapy–get any added benefit from radiation. I would not hesitate,” Nachman says, “to bring in child services to insist on cancer treatment that parents are resisting if it’s a matter of life or death, but radiation for this situation is not one of them.”
(more at )

From an email: 10/18/05

Dear Michelle,
I have read your recent post. I am so sorry. I know the feeling of the
reality you are coming to. It is devastating. Remember though that Katie
will never forget you are her mom. You love her and she knows it. It does
hurt greatly to not be able to do those things with her. I am sure she
wishes it were you also.
I am praying a Judge and court system wakes up and sees the horror being
done to her and your family. Keep trusting in God.
I am sorry.


Dear Michele:

I have been following Katie’s story for the last several months and have made it part of my daily routine to check up on how she and the family are doing via your website. I as a parent am saddened that this is happening not only to you but to the well being of your daughter. I am the mother of two daughters, 13 and 16. Thankfully they are healthy. The early teenage years are the MOST imperative years in their lives. I fear as to what they are doing to Katie and I have no doubt in my mind this will affect her the rest of her life. Katie needs the support and love of her parents – NOW! No ifs, ands, or buts – NOW. I am appalled that someone would have the audacity to tell you that you should leave your husband – wolves in sheeps clothing – that is an understatement. In all trying times of our lives – we need a partner that will be with us. I am not saying that this type of strain could not put a strain on your marriage – but obviously you and Ed have a strong relationship and are standing by each other through this. They are trying to pit you against each other to strengthen themselves – Don’t let them win.

Comment by mtrshower - 7/30/2005
I assure everyone who reads this blog the state of Texas doesn’t give a rats ass about Katie or any other child it has in its care. As long as the state controls the medical care of Katie ,she will recieve the worst care medicine can deliver. Even the dumbest and poorest of, loving parents are better than C.P.S. The only word for the cruelty endured by the Werneckes is evil. May God strengthen the hand of the Werneckes. As for those who abused the power given to them by man, that which you send out into the world , will come back to you seven fold. Do not fear my judgment. Fear God. He is not called the terrible judge for nothing.