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Katie is 13 years old and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, a lymphatic cancer. This site is a request to pray for her. Call her prayer pager 1-361-333-KATY (5289), enter your ZipCode and # key, to let her know you have prayed for her. Updates of her progress will be posted on the site. The Power of Prayer is Awesome.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Katie continues to refuse the High-Dose Chemo treatment.

At the court hearing on Friday:

Katie is described as depressed, not cooperative, late for school, etc. That is not the Katie that we know. She is always cooperative and never late for school. She loves school. CPS is requesting the parents help in getting her to respond. At the last hearing on Wednesday CPS was requesting that all communication between Katie and the parents be shut off. And now they need our help! Well, CPS caused this situation. Michele did call Katie and talked to her and got her up for school.

CPS wanted to continue to hold Katie until she gives in and does the treatment.
Judge questions CPS as to how long - a month? And what if she doesn't give in?
Daniel Horne asked for time to wait for results of the 2nd opinion. Information is in the hand of Dr. Cindy Swartz at John Hopkins.
Judge reponds: If you didn't have them today that's it.

Actually M.D. Anderson and CPS have conspired to delay providing any of the medical records and pathology. As of the court hearing on Wednesday we still did not have the PET images and the PET report. What do they have to hide?

PET report just received by fax on Friday at 2:50 PM. PET scan was completed on 8/25/05 over two weeks ago. Michele even requested this report at the hospital and was denied.

PET REPORT: IMPRESSION: Decrease in size and metabolic activity of the anterior mediastinal soft tissue consistent with response to therapy. No disease is identified.

CPS continues to insist that Katie will die without this treatment immediately, and it appears from the PET scan that the cancer is dead.

Judge speaks to Katie by phone in his chambers.

Attorneys for all sides then meet in Judges chamber in private.

When they return Judge says: He has spoke to Katie and he will personally go to Houston and talk to her and meet with the doctors in the next week. He said Katie will remain in the custody of CPS and that if Horne got a second opinion this court could meet at that time to discuss that information. Otherwise next hearing is a permancy hearing in November.

End of court hearing.

Meanwhile CPS continues to put great pressure and stress on Katie to submit to the treatments.

Katie has told us she has heard what her doctors said in the conference, looked it up on the internet, and read that other people regretted doing it in her emails, and that they are now suffering physically and from secondary cancers, in making up her own mind that she doesn't want this High-Dose Chemo. As Katie has said from the beginning "It is my body and my life."

This is a decision that Katie has a right to make and I respect her for that. There are alternative treatments available, and less dangerous, if the doctors would be honest.

Meanwhile everything has come to a halt. If they had left Katie in our care we would have already found the best treatment and had it done and Katie would have been home with us throughout it. CPS interference caused the delays in getting and continuing treatment and may have caused the cancer to return. M.D. Anderson wasted 40 days of my daughters life with us in just getting an evaluation. They said at that time she would die if she didn't get the radiation treatments too. Well they didn't do the radiation and Katie didn't die. She remains quite healthy except for the side effects of the current chemotherapy. When the state gets into your life they just screw everything up. Why don't they just bow out and let us deal with it. They have stolen nearly four months of precious time with our daughter Katie!

And now M.D. Anderson is not even monitoring my daughters blood counts and chemistry. They have removed her stem cells. Her counts were very low, and that leaves her open to a life threatening infection, and they are not testing them. The foster parents are also being careless with Katie at this time as they dragged her along to a football game for the other child in the home. With her stem cells removed and her blood counts low Katie is not to be around a crowd of people who could make her sick and put her in the hospital with a deadly infection. Only the parents care enough to see to her needs properly. She's just a paycheck to the foster parents.

The CASA rep did not recommend that Katie be returned home in court because we have 2 children that go to public schools and might bring some germs home. But here Katie is at a football game with thousands of people. Her 3 brothers would do more to brighten her day and get her mind off her cancer than a thousand strangers.

Edward Wernecke