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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Not Incompetent To Consent To An Abortion But Can't Refuse Medical Treatment?

"We also found out Friday about 3 pm that there was an Order Appointing Co-Guardian Ad Litem for Katie Wernecke to " represent the best interests of the child. "

The appointment of a guardian over Katie probably means that legally, Katie is considered incompetent to refuse medical treatment, so the guardian is appointed to 'consent' to treatment; it is a measure to force unwanted medical treatment against a person's expressly stated wishes. I don't have any formal legal training, but this is the way I see this action, because I had the same thing happen to me. It can also be used to withhold desired treatment. Technically, the judge and the cps workers cannot formally 'consent' to treatment, only a guardian if it is to be forced.

I see this action as a very egregious abuse of the informed consent laws, and a form of identity theft. Katie would not be considered incompetent to consent to an abortion, but she is considered incompetent to refuse a procedure that will cause sterility.

Stop CPS Eugenics!
Katie's Body is NOT State Property!

Why haven't you posted anything since Sunday? Have you been put on a gag order?
(We had hard drive failure on one computer and a virus locking up our other computer. Ed)

Laura S. Sept 22, 2005