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Katie is 13 years old and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, a lymphatic cancer. This site is a request to pray for her. Call her prayer pager 1-361-333-KATY (5289), enter your ZipCode and # key, to let her know you have prayed for her. Updates of her progress will be posted on the site. The Power of Prayer is Awesome.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Judge Refuses To Grant Motions to Delay High Dose Chemo for Katie

Katie had hired her own attorney Mr. Tom Sanders, from Houston, to make a motion to delay the High Dose Chemo and any more treatments and to see that Katie could be heard at the next hearing on Sept 6 at 3:00 pm in Nueces County Court of Law #5 in Corpus Chrisit. Katie felt no one was listening to her and her Ad Litem attorney Linda Rhodes Schauer was not presenting Katie's side to the court. So she hired her own attorney. However, Judge Lewis refused to allow Mr. Sanders to represent Katie and did not recognize his motion. Katie's Ad Litem attorney then followed suit and made her own motions on Katie's behalf. My attorney followed with a motion voicing objections to the high mortality rate and complications of the High Dose Chemo and requesting an immediate response to protect Katie rights. Judge Lewis refused to grant the motions choosing to let CPS and M. D. Anderson proceed with the treatments, no matter how risky.

Katie is 13 years old and a very bright, highly intelligent, and mature young woman. Does she have a right to make her own medical decisions, or a least give or refuse her consent to the treatments?

She has stated in her previous letter to her attorney below, that she did not want any more treatments and that she did not want this High Dose Chemo. The Judge did not grant a motion to delay the treatment until the other side could get a second or third opinion on it and/or until the next hearing on Sept 6 at 3pm.


We will see by Friday what happens. I pray they will have the wisdom to step back, look at the options, and get a second or third unbiased opinion and consider Katie's wishes. It is her life and her body after all.

High Dose Chemo carries a high risk of dying just from the treatment itself, and severely damages the heart, lungs, and kidneys. Another side effect is that Katie could never have any kids. Katie just has a small sliver of tumor tissue remaining and the doctors admit they do not know whether this is just dead fibrous tissue or active hodgkins disease. (Doctors treat a dead tumor? Yes, they measure their success by how much the tumor shrinks. It doesn't matter whether the patient lives or dies.) A study done at Stanford on High Dose Chemo showed that 46 out of 119 patients died and 4 year actuarial survival was only 52% with severe complications and toxicity. This sounds like a dangerous procedure to use when safer alternative are available, especially when the cancer may not even be alive! The cancer is not causing her any problems so why do the treatment and shorten her survival to less than 4 years with severe body damage. No wonder Katie is refusing High Dose Chemo.

Maybe it would be better to treat more conservatively and save the "big guns" for later.



  • At Tue Sep 06, 09:36:00 PM 2005, Blogger C.J. said…

    After reading the last few comments, it sounds like Katie is being obsevered for some new type of treatment, and the gov't and the Doctors and Judge are going to do everything in their power to make this poor girl comply, whether or not it kills her, so that they can get some sort of results. Thats just sick and wrong. This poor kid needs to go back to her real home, and her parents. Katie, you and your family are in mine and my wife's prayers.


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