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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Important Information Withheld by Attorneys

On Wednesday Sept 21, I asked Daniel Horne if I could pick up his copy of my case files for safekeeping in case hurricance Rita hit Corpus Christi. Their office is a block off the bay side. Withing those files of Daniel Horne I saw a FED EX envelope addressed to Luis Corona and dated June 14, 2005. This was an overnight package and arrived on June 15, 2005, the first day of our two day very important adversary hearing. Withing the package was a letter to Mr Corona and one to Michele and Edward Werncke and a video tape by Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. titled "Cancer Doesn't Scare Me Anymore!" This is the most eye opening tape on cancer and the cancer industry I have ever seen. You can call 1-800-556-4846 to order your own copy. As a physican who developed breast cancer herself, Dr. Lorraine Day was well aware that physicans are more afraid of cancer than patients are, because doctors know that chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are not the answer to cancer. She tells you the dangers of chemotherapy and radiation and why cancer is Big Business. She tells you all the side effects of chemotherapy and how it also leads to leukemia. Dr. Days tells you that radiation used to treat cancer causes other cancers. She tells you who controls the cancer industry, the FDA, and the American Cancer Society. She tells you who controls what the media tells you about cancer treatments. Dr. Day tells you the causes of cancer and how you can reverse them and get well, just like she did, without chemotherapy and radiation therapy. If we had shown her video tape at the hearing the outcome could have been much different. Here was a doctor speaking against chemo and radiation treatments, and was living proof that alternative treatments can cure cancer. If you have cancer get this video and the rest of her information and check out alternative cures.

Also in the envelope was reprints from four books. The Calcium Factorby Robert Barefoot and Carl J. Reich, M.D.(ISBN 0-9633703-2-4) and Water for Health, for Healing, for Lifeby F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. (ISBN 0-446-69074-0) are two of the books. The book on water states: "Because they are growing, children are constantly and naturally dehydrated. a select cancer conference...I scientifically explained why chronic unintentional dehydration is in my view, the primary cause of pain and disease in the human body, including cancer...dehydration causes DNA damage in the cell nucleus...immune system suppression...causes the creation of new chemical pathways...Cancer formation is the these cells the protein kinase C of normal cells gets converted to protein kinase M, which is autonomous and unstoppable smaller enzyme that continues to stimulate cell production without limitations...That is why cancer cells develop bulky masses and lumps..." The Calcium Factor book states:" The early work of Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg, some seventy-five years ago, (Cause and Prevention of Cancer: Biochem, Zeits, 152:514-520, 1924), showed clearly that cancer was associated with anaerobic (deficiency of oxygen) conditions, resulting in fermentation and a marked drop in the pH of the cell. (Low pH Hyperthermia Cancer Therapy: Cancer Chemotherapy Pharmocology 4; 137-145, 1980) Moreover, the production of mutation receptors cannot occur with the pH of the cell in the healthy calcium buffered 7.4 to 6.6 range, a range which assures the breakdown of glucose into the A, C, G and T nucleotide radicals that promote healthy DNA synthesis....In the absence of oxygen within the acidic intracellular fluids, the glucose undergoes fermentation into lactic acid, causing the pH of the cell to drop even further, thereby inhibiting the production of A, C, G and T nucleotides that allow for normal DNA synthesis...setting the scene for the abnormal replication of DNA to trigger using these minerals to raise the pH to a pH of 8.5, the cancer cells would die while the healthy cells would thrive."

The other two books are The Cancer Industry (ISBN 1-881025-09-8) and Questioning Chemotherapy (ISBN 1-881025-25-X) both by Ralph W. Moss, PhD. Ralph Moss once worked at Memorial Sloan Kettering so he is an expert. On the cover of The Cancer Industry is a quote by Linus Pauling : " Everyone should know that the 'war on cancer' is largely a fraud." Dr. Moss says " the orthodox strategy of early detection and early treatment with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy proved ineffective." "Third among the so-called proven methods of treating cancer is toxic chemotherapy; the use of drugs to kill cancer cells. ...Thus chemotherapy poisons many normal tissues as well- especially the rapidly dividing cells of the bone marrow, intestinal wall, and the hair follicles. The bone marrow is the foundation of the immune system, which seems to serve the dual function of preventing infections and combating the spread of cancer. The use of chemotherapy is often accompanied by destruction of the immune system. Chemotherapy often brings in its train a host of blood deficiency diseases such as leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, and aplastic anemia. These in turn give rise to massive uncontrollable infections." In Questioning Chemotherapy, Ralph Moss says chemotherapy can cause cancer. "Perhaps the stangest thing about chemotherapy is that many of these drus themselves carcinogenic. This may seem astonishing to the average reader-- that caner-fighting drugs themselves cause cancer. Yet this is an undeniable fact." "The magnitude of these risks suggest that the drugs are causally related to leukemia," NCI epidemiologists cautiously concluded." Dr. Moss continues: "By combining various forms of chemotherapy, and then mixing these with radiotherapy, doctors further increase the risk. Even Dr. DeVita's orthodox textbook, Cancer:Principles and Practice of Oncology, concludes that "chemotherapy combinations can significantly rasie the risk of secondary tumors, especially nonlymphocytic leukemias. " ...."Nitrogen mustard, vincristine, prednisone, and procarbazine for the treatment of Hodgkin's disease yield leukemia rates up to 17 percent...Radiation further increases the risk of leukemia." "Accelerating the cancer. These agents also can cause the formation of drug-resistant cells. They can thus paradoxically enhance the malignancy of the tumor..."

That is a short but brief summary of the materials my attorneys had at their disposal and chose not to use. Had they at least given the package to me on the 15th we could have at least shown the video by Dr. Day in court on June 16th. It would have been very helpful. The video is over two hours long and full of information. I did not see these materials until today. Thanks to Mrs Sharon R. for sending the materials.