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Katie is 13 years old and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, a lymphatic cancer. This site is a request to pray for her. Call her prayer pager 1-361-333-KATY (5289), enter your ZipCode and # key, to let her know you have prayed for her. Updates of her progress will be posted on the site. The Power of Prayer is Awesome.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Dear Katie,

I am a medical doctor board certified in diagnostic radiology and have been practicing medicine for 30 years now. Chemotherapy and radiation were employed in 1975 with the same devastating results as today--very little has changed. I wondered then why someone would continue to do the same thing over and over again with negative results always hoping that the results would be different each time. They never were and never will be--this is the mark of an insane person. I decided way back then that a vacation to your resort of choice with your drug of choice was much better than medical treatment. That opinion didn't change until about 3 years ago when I started taking a serious look at what other medical practitioners, including MD's, were doing with cancer. My outlook now is completely changed and cancer is something I no longer fear. There are many things I do now that I didn't know you could do that make your body almost completely resistant to the development of cancer. All of the treatments I know of target biochemical differences between cancer cells and normal cells ( I know of at least 8). The treatments are non toxic to you but deadly to your cancer. In fact I recommend that a large tumor be removed surgically because these non-toxic treatments can kill so much of a tumor so quickly that the body gets toxic from trying to dispose of all of the dead tissue at once. All of these cancer treatments require a complete change of diet that some people cannot do. If a healthy person doesn't adopt most of these anyway he will eventually get cancer as 1 in 2 get cancer today sometime in their lifetime.

The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, said "First do no harm". Your doctors have forgotten this and even seem to have lost their humanity. The history of medicine is full of treatments that today would be considered crazy and funny, but heads of state got these treatments and they were administered by the best physicians of the time and of course they promptly died usually in much more agony than had nothing been done. Just in my 30 years there are many "scientifically proven treatments and medical facts" that have been abandoned because they of course didn't work and later were proven wrong. Your doctors actually think they are gods mainly because society perceives of them as so. If you don't live through the treatment then your death is not counted as a failure so it doesn't affect the statistics that they lie to you with before treatment. A success to them is a person that lives five years. You could be paralyzed and comatose but alive and considered a success. In fact allopathic medicine has a 3% success rate with cancer and most of these come from cancers of the testicles, placenta (choriocarcinoma), and acute childhood leukemia. I might take surgery for the first one but never chemo or radiation.
Every time they pass their CT scanner over you, the part X-rayed gets 5-25 rads (6.5 avg. in La. according to the state physicist). 6.5 rads is what a Japanese person received at either Hiroshima, or Nagasaki, in a tile roofed house 1.5 miles from ground zero. This does not count the fallout that comes later but is the gamma ray, and high energy neutrons, received from the blast itself. To give another comparison, one CT scan of the chest gives radiation equivalent of 400 chest x-rays. If you are female your breasts get the equivalent of 32 single view mammograms or 16 years of screening mammography. This all occurs in less than 5 seconds in the scanner. I would be very surprised if your doctors have even a clue as to any of this. Very few radiologists even know this because they're too busy making money, and their conscience might bother them if they learned it.

Dr. Gonzales, who studied Dr. Kelley's high cure rate for pancreatic cancer, was so impressed he now treats people with basically the same treatment in New York. He was affiliated with Memorial Sloan-Kettering cancer hospital in New York when he did the study. Dr. Ralph Moss and Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura were fired from MSK when they called their own press conference to set the record straight on laetrile in the 80's. The hospitals official word was that it was useless, Dr. Sugiura stated it was one of the most effective compounds he had worked with. You can get this for free in apple seeds, peach pits, and many other fruits and nuts. It's not patentable and no money today is funded except to find patentable drugs to treat cancer--its all about the money and nothing about you or me. Actually they don't want a cure for cancer or any disease because billion dollar industries are built up around these and the money is what is important to them. Your doctors are probably totally ignorant of all of this because like me , I believed that modern medicine was ethical and if a cure was known we would be the first to hear of it. I realize now how naive I was. Some day the doctors treating you may learn this and will think back with sadness about you and many others they treated. Some may even commit suicide. This same theme permeates every aspect of medicine today and results in symptomatic treatment of everything. A real doctor wants to know the cause of the symptom and do away with the cause which also does away with the symptom.

The cause of heart disease, the atherosclerotic type, was discovered in the early 50's. The prime cause of cancer was proposed in 1924 by a two time Nobel laureate, Dr. Otto Warburg, and concurred at a meeting of Nobel laureates in Germany in 1969. Biochemists in the last two years have pretty well nailed down the cause of the type II diabetes epidemic which is directly related to the processed food industry but no news media ever prints these stories. The scientific papers are published but not in any journal a doctor would read. The majority of doctors don't even know that their statin drugs are the major cause of the current heart failure epidemic in this country and are the direct cause of the increased hemorrhagic strokes occurring today.

You can be cured of Hodgkin's disease without chemo or radiation. I personally wouldn't consider the treatment if I had the disease. Your parents may not know what I have told you and they may only know that you are being slowly killed by the treatment, which is reason enough in itself to get you out of there. If they had a clue as to the success you may have with alternative treatments they would have kidnapped you out of there by now. I know many MD's and PhD's who can expound on what I have said and many will go to court and testify as expert witnesses to the effectiveness of these treatments. I only believe them myself because I understand the biochemical explanations for why they work and I have seen too many testimonials and personal witnesses to their effect. Using the information I learned I cured a skin cancer on myself by applying a concentrated solution of a substance you can buy at any drug store or Wal-Mart or anywhere. I've had five other people do the same thing in my town. This same substance when given IV has cured many patients especially ones with kidney cancer. When I say cured, I mean the person dies 10 years later at 90 from something else and autopsy reveals no evidence of recurrent cancer. One thing you must know and apparently your doctors don't is that a tumor is sometimes over 90% normal tissue only there providing support for the cancer. When you cure a cancer the tumor will never completely disappear simply because cancer cells are not the whole tumor. Its scary to have doctors with poisons in their syringes who don't even understand this simple fact. My skin cancer was an exception to this because it completely dried up and fell off like a scab, but most internal cancer leave behind some residual tissue that is seen on follow up CT's. One of the letters said your doctors had six negative biopsies but still what to kill you with high dose chemotherapy. I even read that your parents are having trouble getting the original slides to be reviewed by other doctors to confirm the original diagnosis. If these facts are true, then you have some very insecure doctors taking care of you. I would welcome the review myself but when you regard yourself as God then I guess the review would seem useless. My cure for skin cancer is posted on many free web sites and as far as I could search I could not find any one else who was aware of it. An individual e-mailed me that he had used another common substance with the same results. He is probably right because the substance he used is common
to many alternative cancer treatments. I'm sure others will be found that will do the same thing. It's just that no money is spent by the government or pharmaceuticals to find unpatentable treatments for anything. If a cure for anything is found it is actively suppressed unless it is a patentable drug. The love of money is the common denominator of too much of conventional medicine today. Emergency and trauma care to me are the only branches of medicine today that do more good than harm.

I hope this e-mail get to you and your parents. Don't put it on the web site with my name because then I will have to deal with the FDA and state medical board. Although I have not broken any laws, I am just giving you my opinion and not advising you to do any more than read it and use it however to make a decision. I have not filtered out any scary words because I want you and your parents to understand what you are dealing with. I do not treat cancer patients myself and I have nothing for sale. I can help you though find those who do. I am exercising my right to freedom of speech. I am not advising you to do any particular thing, I only am giving you my opinion. I realize there are few people who can go against the collective wisdom of conventional medicine. You, however, seem to have that ability.

I can sleep now with a clear conscience.