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Katie is 13 years old and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, a lymphatic cancer. This site is a request to pray for her. Call her prayer pager 1-361-333-KATY (5289), enter your ZipCode and # key, to let her know you have prayed for her. Updates of her progress will be posted on the site. The Power of Prayer is Awesome.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Katie's Mom Missing Katie - Emotional Distress

Who can help me? Nobody seems to have the answers or willing to help because they believe the Doctor’s and the social worker lies. They also believe the CPS's lies. We did more then usual for our daughter Katie, but nobody sees this. She wants to come home so bad and I can't even help her anymore. It was always you do this or else, to the doctor and social worker. Well we found out what or else is. I lost my children, I lost my life and I lost my world. The doctor wasn't even a board certified oncologist. He is only board certified in Pediatrics. He is working on cancer patients and making major medical decisions. CPS is making medical decisions for our children and they have only known them for a couple of months and I have known them for a lifetime. These people at CPS have no medical knowledge and its not their kid, so who cares. They just rubber stamp everything the doctor recommends. Even specialists aren't always right, and I am speaking from experience. They claim this is in the best interest of my child and only parents can act in the best interest of their children because of the special bonds that exist between parent and child.

I have so many feelings locked inside and can not let them out. My children will never be the same. The CPS thinks that they are god! They just don't care. My five and two year old will not be the same, they are so insecure. They will not sleep by themselves any more. They have to know where I'm at, at all times. CPS walks all over you and pushes their power above the limit, even after you get the children back. Once again my life has been ruined by them. I would like to have my record clean and out of their systems and they just leave us alone and give me my daughter back. She is the only daughter I have and love. They can never give her the love that she needs. I also have 3 boys, I love more then anything too. To tear a family apart over wanting a second medical opinion is outrageous! They took two months and gave us two days to make up our mind. And we were calling other doctors and Dr. Alter refused to make the referrals because they had to be a pediatric oncologist and he wasn't even one himself. And Dr. Garlitos was not a Pediatric Radiologist and Dr. Alter said we had to have one. The second opinion did not agree with Dr. Alter and we asked for a third opinion and never got it. They called in CPS and took Katie away and my 3 boys too.

Do you all realize how hard it is to walk in to your daughter’s room and see her stuff that she can not touch or use now. Katie can’t go thru her clothes. Katie spent her 13th birthday in CPS custody and was told by Dr. Alter her cancer had returned on that day. Is this anyway for a teenage girl to spend her most important years in her life? Do you all realize how hard it is to go on without her by your side? I’m cleaning her room today and hoping that she will be home soon. You all think you know what is best for my daughter, you all think I’m holding up just find or we are crazy. I just want my life back to normal. I want my family whole again. I want to take my daughter shopping and take her to the movies. I want my daughter back again, to just hold her in my arms and never have to let go again.

My mom is going to need a heart valve put in soon. I would love to have taken my children to see her. I would love to see her this year. My mom and dad live in Wisconsin. Katie wanted to see them to. She is really close to them. So you all see I have been on trial everyday and it does not seem to stop and I’m supposed to keep on going. There are days you just want to quit, but you just keep on going for the children and for Katie. I just can’t quit on her. I’m so scared that she will never come home again, because a doctor and a social worker thinks they know what’s best. Everyday we find more and more lies that they tell. And you just can’t do anything about it. All they do is put everybody thru hell.

How many other families are you going to let CPS ruin?

Michele Wernecke


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