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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Constitutional Concepts - Color of Law

One of the major abuses of power today is the so called "Child Protection Act"

1. Do I have the inherent right to take my neighbor's children away? NO!

2. Does my neighbor have the inherent right to take away my children? NO!

3. Is there anyone, anywhere on the face of the earth who has the inherent right to take away someone else's children? NO!!!

Then the government does not have the right to remove anyone's children from their home, the actions of the government are beyond what power and authority the people are able to give the government. That means that every child who has ever been removed by any agency of any government has been unlawfully kidnapped. The government is not only guilty of kidnapping, the officers of the government have committed fraud by persecuting you under laws which are unconstitutional and cannot, and do not, exist. You have been persecuted, and prosecuted under what is called the "color of law.""Color of Law" means that a Code, a Regulation, or a Rule has been written so that it looks like a law - but - the person who wrote the Code, Regulation, or Rule doesn't have any authority or power to write it. There isn't any lawful power or authority behind the Codes, Regulations, and Rules and so they are, in truth, "ipso facto," which means void.

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