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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

CPS Denies Visitation & Religious Rights

July 20, 2005

Dear Stella Klein, Henry Gonzales, Diane Bonneau:

RE: Visitation Katie Wernecke

We have not been notified of any family visitations.
Katie has been denied the free exercise of her religious beliefs.
Certainly denial of visitation rights and religious beliefs is not in the best interest of Katie and her family.

We hereby request a visitation with Katie Wernecke.

1. Katie’s brothers have not seen Katie since June 19, 2005.
2. Katie has not been to church with the family since June 19, 2005.

We request a visit to be arranged in Corpus Christi or at our home on Saturday July 23, 2005 when all family members can be in attendance. We request that Katie be allowed to attend a Sabbath service in our home at 1:00 PM on the same day to exercise her religious beliefs without interference.


Edward D. Wernecke

Sent by Fax to

CPS 887-7496
Luis Corona 883-4735
Daniel Horne 884-6649
Thomas Stuckey 888-0577
Linda Schauer 884-2822
CASA 884-2279