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Katie is 13 years old and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, a lymphatic cancer. This site is a request to pray for her. Call her prayer pager 1-361-333-KATY (5289), enter your ZipCode and # key, to let her know you have prayed for her. Updates of her progress will be posted on the site. The Power of Prayer is Awesome.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Katie Meets Hilary Duff At Concert

Katie Meeting Hilary Duff at the Concert

Right to Left: Hilary Duff, Katie, Samantha Greenwood, Hilary's Sister


  • At Sat Nov 05, 04:19:00 PM 2005, Blogger kmg said…

    Hi Katie!! i just read your story and made me cry!! I live in Kentucky and i actually got to meet hilary to at her concert!!! i am 14 years old. are ou a big fan of hers??? i am!!! haha
    well i hope you get all of your treatment and it comes out positive. with all my love

  • At Tue Dec 20, 01:24:00 PM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi katie,
    i read your page and thought that must of been awsome to meet hilary duff i wish i could meet her also maybe one day....
    your friend ,


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